<tc>Heart Blouse_Kaizuka JQ</tc>
<tc>Heart Blouse_Kaizuka JQ</tc>
<tc>Heart Blouse_Kaizuka JQ</tc>
<tc>Heart Blouse_Kaizuka JQ</tc>
<tc>Heart Blouse_Kaizuka JQ</tc>
<tc>Heart Blouse_Kaizuka JQ</tc>

Heart Blouse_Kaizuka JQ

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A classic Eatable of Many Orders blouse made from high-quality cotton material.

The jacquard-woven fabric has a jagged design that resembles the pattern of Jomon pottery, and is made from a light cotton material made by Miura Jacquard in Shizuoka Prefecture. The light, transparent and cool fabric has a smooth texture. Available in two original colors: bright "Terracotta'', which is inspired by unglazed clay figurines, and "Navy'', which has a calm impression. There are pockets on both sides.
The placket is lined with fabric for a subtle accent.
The gathers spread out from the back to create a soft, rounded shape, the hem has a gentle curve, and the length is long towards the back, giving it a three-dimensional silhouette. The buttons are original covered buttons made of the same material.
Item information 
・ Fabric: Kaizuka JQ
・ Material : Cotton 100%  
・ Color:  Navy / Terracotta
・ Size (cm):
   S = Length 74 Bust 83 Shoulder width 40 Sleeve length 62
   M = Length 76 Bust 89 Shoulder width 43 Sleeve length 64
・ Made in Japan

・As this item is made of delicate fabric, please be careful not to pull it too hard or get it caught.
・To maintain the texture of the fabric for a longer period of time, please wash gently by hand. Or dry cleaning is recommended.
・For stains such as oil and sweat, use a neutral detergent, and do not use bleach or fluorescent detergents.
・ When ironing, please use a steam iron or a press cloth at medium temperature.

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