<tc>Bamboo Tote Bag _ S</tc>
<tc>Bamboo Tote Bag _ S</tc>
<tc>Bamboo Tote Bag _ S</tc>
<tc>Bamboo Tote Bag _ S</tc>
<tc>Bamboo Tote Bag _ S</tc>
<tc>Bamboo Tote Bag _ S</tc>
<tc>Bamboo Tote Bag _ S</tc>
<tc>Bamboo Tote Bag _ S</tc>
<tc>Bamboo Tote Bag _ S</tc>

Bamboo Tote Bag _ S

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A novel pochette-shaped smartphone case that combines bamboo and leather.

Cut bamboo is combined with the side of the main body that is molded and molded from cowhide, and a cotton rope that has passed through the bamboo can be hung on the shoulder. The bamboo on the top is a sliding type and also serves as a lid for the case. There is a pocket on the back where you can put a transportation IC card or ticket. It is unique and easy to use.
Available in 4 colors: natural, black, camel, and red.
Item Information
・Material:Cow Leather , Bamboo , Cotton Rope
・Color:Natural / Black 
・Size (cm): H25 W 13 D 3 ( Inside H15.5 W 8 D 2 ) Handle 115
・Weight (g):180
・made in Japan 
・ Uses plant-tanned natural leather. The material is carefully selected, cut and commercialized, but some scratches may remain. Please note that it has a natural texture.
・ Please note that water or oil may cause stains.
・ Store in a well-ventilated shade as it is vulnerable to water, humidity and direct sunlight.
・ Bamboo is vulnerable to water, moisture and direct sunlight, so store it in a well-ventilated shade. It is recommended to place it in a high place where it is difficult for moisture to accumulate.
・ If it gets wet with rain or water, wipe it off with a dry cloth and dry it well. If mold grows on the surface, wipe it off with alcohol and let it dry.
Flow from reservation to shipping
・Reservations will be made in the form of payment on the online store.
・We cannot accept cancellations after payment is completed on the online store. Also, unless the product is defective, we cannot accept returns after the product has been shipped. Please make a reservation (payment) after careful consideration.
・As soon as the product is ready, we will contact you and ship it.
・The delivery date may be delayed due to production reasons. Please note.


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