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A call from the northern Jomon

Looking up at the sky, looking at the mountains, working in the fields, and living in the village. In the lands where I went in pursuit of Jomon pottery, Jomon Venuses, and Jomon ruins, there were activities that continued to rely on the power of nature. We are seeing the same landscape that the Jomon people saw. We eat the same foods that the Jomon people ate. We are living on the same soil that the Jomon people lived on. That's what I thought.

I went to Aomori to see the shading clay figures. I was astounded not only by the power of its goggle-like eyes, which is the origin of its name, but also by the swirling patterns that covered its entire body and the unusual decorations on its head. The pure beauty brought about by the act of ``dressing up'' has stuck with people for more than 3,000 years, and this has further aroused their curiosity about creating things for ``dressing up.''

The tremendous amount of time since the Jomon period has changed humans, society, and the environment. The creations of the Jomon people, which have withstood these changes and appear before our eyes unchanged, make us feel that their time is connected to ours. I hope to somehow connect this to the future in my own way.