<tc>Carbon Neutral Pants_BG / Bamboo Charcoal Dye</tc>
<tc>Carbon Neutral Pants_BG / Bamboo Charcoal Dye</tc>
<tc>Carbon Neutral Pants_BG / Bamboo Charcoal Dye</tc>
<tc>Carbon Neutral Pants_BG / Bamboo Charcoal Dye</tc>
<tc>Carbon Neutral Pants_BG / Bamboo Charcoal Dye</tc>

Carbon Neutral Pants_BG / Bamboo Charcoal Dye

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The renewed standard tuck pants are dyed with bamboo charcoal. Overall slim and wider belt width. The 3 hooks on the waist allow you to adjust the size, and you can arrange it with a high waist for a neat look or a low waist for a loose fit. The wider belt makes it more stable.
The cotton bamboo material has both firmness and suppleness, so it expresses a clean line and a beautiful silhouette from the tuck to the hem.
The cotton bamboo material made by INFOBANK in Fukui uses fine and soft bamboo that grows in areas from Sichuan Province in China to Vietnam and Laos. Developed by blending bamboo fiber extracted from natural bamboo with Supima cotton fiber, the yarn has both the strength of bamboo and the softness of cotton.
Bamboo fiber has a refreshing feel and does not get stuffy, so it is cool in the summer and warm in the winter, making it comfortable to wear all year round. Bamboo grows so fast that it can grow 30cm to 1m per day, and because it has antibacterial properties, it does not require fertilizer and has a low environmental impact. I think it would be good if bamboo fiber could be used more.
Bamboo charcoal dyeing was realized through an encounter with in Ashikaga, Tochigi Prefecture. The raw material is bamboo charcoal that has been cut down in the mountains of Ashikaga and carbonized. It takes a whole day to make the pigment finer in a mortar until it becomes fine particles, and it is dyed purely with bamboo charcoal. Bamboo charcoal, which has countless holes, has excellent absorption and decomposition power, so it has the effect of deodorizing and controlling humidity, as well as suppressing static electricity. It also has the effect of purifying water, so if you drain the charcoal after dyeing, it will also help purify the water quality and soil. The beautiful gray color and texture are the function of bamboo charcoal and the wisdom and perseverance of craftsmen.
For bamboo charcoal dyeing, you can choose from  "Dark",  "Light".
Some are undyed. 〈Carbon Neutral Pants_BG
Unisex and available in 3 sizes.
* There are individual differences in the way the tie-dyed pattern appears.


Item information 
・ Fabric: BG-CANVAS
・ Material: Cotton 85%  Bamboo 15%
・ Color: Dark / Light
・ Size (cm):
     1=Inseam 67   Rise 29   Waist 70-80
     2=Inseam 70   Rise 30.5   Waist 74-82
     3=Inseam 75   Rise 31.5   Waist 80-88
・ Made in Japan
・Because this product is dyed with bamboo charcoal, it has a unique hand-dyed color and texture.
・Color transfer may occur during wearing and storage. Be careful when wearing or coming into contact with white or bright colors.
・When washing, the color may fade, so please wash separately with water or lukewarm water. It is recommended to wash it gently by hand, as it is easy to lose color if it is rubbed in a wet state.
・Use a neutral detergent to remove stains such as oil and sweat, and do not use bleach or fluorescent detergent.
・It is recommended to use a steam iron or a medium temperature iron with a pressing cloth to adjust the shape.

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