<transcy>Chain Belt</transcy>
<transcy>Chain Belt</transcy>
<transcy>Chain Belt</transcy>

Chain Belt

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A belt that combines natural tanned cowhide and soft cotton rope that are connected like a chain. You can enjoy coordination that allows you to enjoy different impressions depending on which part you bring to the front. Since there are 4 belt holes, it is easy to adjust the length. Only the green x gray color scheme uses two colors.

Item Information
・Material:Cow Leather , Brass , Cotton Rope
・Color: BLACK / RED
・Size (cm): W 2.5 L 107
・Weight (g):100
・made in Japan

・ Natural leather tanned with plants is used. The materials are carefully selected, cut and commercialized, but some scratches may remain. Please note that it has a natural texture.
・ Please note that water or oil may cause stains.
・ Store in a well-ventilated shade as it is vulnerable to water, humidity and direct sunlight.
・Brass changes color over time. If water or sweat gets on your clothes, the color may transfer to your clothes, so wipe it off immediately with a soft cloth.

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