<transcy>EATABLE DOLLS</transcy>
<transcy>EATABLE DOLLS</transcy>
<transcy>EATABLE DOLLS</transcy>
<transcy>EATABLE DOLLS</transcy>


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Handmade wooden dolls crafted  irregularly with EATABLE. It is made up of various parts in the atelier, and is full of playfulness and happiness. It is also recommended as a gift.

Item information
・ Material: White Ash Wood, Pig Leather, Gold, Brass
・ Size (cm): H 12.5 W 13 D 4.6
・ Weight (g): 109

・ Material: White Ash Wood, Pig Leather, Gold
・ Size (cm): H 12.5 W 7.5 D 7
・ Weight (g): 173

・ Material: White Ash Wood, Cotton Rope, Sashiko Gauze
・ Size (cm): H 17 W 14 D 6
・ Weight (g): 151

・ Made in Japan

・Uses plant-tanned natural leather. The materials are carefully selected, cut and commercialized, but some scratches may remain. Please note that it has a natural texture.
・ Please note that water or oil may cause stains.
・ Store in a well-ventilated shade as it is vulnerable to water, humidity and direct sunlight.

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