<transcy>Eatable Face Mask_SAVE_THE_BEE</transcy>
<transcy>Eatable Face Mask_SAVE_THE_BEE</transcy>
<transcy>Eatable Face Mask_SAVE_THE_BEE</transcy>
<transcy>Eatable Face Mask_SAVE_THE_BEE</transcy>

Eatable Face Mask_SAVE_THE_BEE

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A mask made with an original pattern using the original fabric of Eatable of Many Orders.
The front is 100% cotton fabric and the back is double woven fabric.There is darts deep in the mouth and finished it in a pattern so that the fabric does not touch direct contact with the face. The strings to be hung on the ears are sewn after passing thin rubber through each 100% cotton braid.
There are S size for elementary school children, M size for general perfect size, L size for those who like looseness, and XL for men who want a larger size.
Even if it feels loose at first, it shrinks a little when washed, so if you are uncertain about the size, we recommend a larger one.
Fabric_1: SAVE_THE_BEE / C100 is an original textile with a bright floral pattern. Since the pattern is cut and sewn one by one, the pattern will be slightly different.
Since it is not anti-virus processed, please use it as an item that can prevent pollen, block droplets caused by coughing and sneezing, and prevent your hands from touching your face, mouth, nose, etc. Make sure to wash your hands carefully and gargle.
<< Item information >>
・ Product number: E-HOME-MA01
・ Item name: Eatable Face Mask
・ Fabric_1: Front side: SAVE_THE_BEE / C100, Back side: Double gauze / C100
・ Color: Multi
・ Composition: 100% cotton
・ Women's / Men's: Unisex
・ Size (cm):
S = 16cm x 11.5cm
M = 17cm x 13cm
L = 18cm x 14.5cm
L = 19cm x 16cm
1st photo << Wearing model >> Height 158cm << Wearing material / color >> SAVE_THE_BEE / Multi
《Wearing size》 M
2nd photo (top) << Wearing model >> Height 145cm << Wearing material / color >> SAVE_THE_BEE / Multi << Wearing size >> S
2nd photo (lower left) << Wearing model >> Height 125cm << Wearing material / color >> SAVE_THE_BEE / Multi << Wearing size >> S
<< Handling >>
・ When washing, we recommend hand washing. The color may fade, so wash it alone with water or lukewarm water.
・ Use a neutral detergent, and do not use bleach or fluorescent detergent.
・ Avoid direct sunlight and dry in the shade. 

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