<transcy>Eatable Key Chain SMALL</transcy>
<transcy>Eatable Key Chain SMALL</transcy>
<transcy>Eatable Key Chain SMALL</transcy>

Eatable Key Chain SMALL

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A key chain that has been made with Eatable for many years.
The facial expressions of the dolls that are hand-made one by one are slightly different, but they are all charming and become attached as a daily companion.
There are two types of wood, bright white ash and dark brown walnut. The leather is assorted in the standard Eatable color. The key ring is made of brass and the astringency gradually comes out.
Although it is small, it has a presence that does not get lost in the bag. There is also a slightly larger large size (you can see the difference in size in the third photo).

Item information
・ Size (cm): H6 (H11.5 with strap) W3.5 D3
・ Weight (g): 30
・ Material: Cowhide, brass, white ash or walnut

1st photo: White ash x camel
2nd photo: From left
White ash x red,
White ash x camel,
White ash x natural,
Walnut x camel,
Walnut x Red,
Walnut x black
3rd photo: 3rd photo: From left
Walnut x Black (Large),
Walnut x camel (small),
White ash x red (large),
White ash x natural (small)

・Uses plant-tanned natural leather. The material is carefully selected, cut and commercialized, but some scratches may remain. Please note that it has a natural texture.
・ Please note that water or oil may cause stains.
・ Store in a well-ventilated shade as it is vulnerable to water, humidity and direct sunlight.
・Brass changes color over time. If water or sweat gets on your clothes, the color may transfer to your clothes, so wipe it off immediately with a soft cloth.

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