<tc>Kennijigaki Trouser _ GT</tc>
<tc>Kennijigaki Trouser _ GT</tc>
<tc>Kennijigaki Trouser _ GT</tc>
<tc>Kennijigaki Trouser _ GT</tc>

Kennijigaki Trouser _ GT

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Pants made from original homespun eed.

It has buffalo buttons at three points on the waist, so you can adjust the size, and you can also arrange the silhouette by going for a high waist for a neat look or a low waist for a loose fit. It has a classic design with a slit at the back waist and a tab at the back. The hem is long and has a facing, so you can fold it up to match your outfit. The lining is made of smooth cupro material. I think warm yet light pants are useful in a wide range of seasons.
Cotton tweed is an original fabric that expresses the sparkle of bamboo by weaving threads studded with bright colors into a checkered pattern. It is a light fabric woven from cotton, wool, and silk, and is a woolen fabric called ``homespun'' that has been passed down from generation to generation in Hanamaki, Iwate Prefecture. This is a very precious fabric that was created at the request of Japan Homespun, which continues to make wonderful woolen fabrics by making full use of looms and pursuing the reproduction of the gentle texture created by hand-spinning and hand-weaving.
Item information 
・ Fabric: Grow Tweed
・ Material: GT) Cotton 60%  Wool 30% Silk 10%
・ Color: Multi
・ Size (cm):
     1 = Waist 71-79 Rise 27 Inseam 68
     2 = Waist 75-83 Rise 28 Inseam 71
     3 = Waist 81-89 Rise 29.5 Inseam 74
・ Made in Japan
・As the sleeves are made of wool and silk, please dry clean.

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