<tc>Raft Skirt _ Fantom</tc>
<tc>Raft Skirt _ Fantom</tc>
<tc>Raft Skirt _ Fantom</tc>
<tc>Raft Skirt _ Fantom</tc>
<tc>Raft Skirt _ Fantom</tc>

Raft Skirt _ Fantom

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A long wrap skirt with a green leather belt on the homespun Eid.

It is a design that wraps the body with one piece of fabric. By using the fabric with a bias, the checkered pattern creates various nuances, the drape follows the body beautifully, and the silhouette becomes elegant.

The vivid green of the deerskin belt is accented. The waist can be adjusted with the belt buckle. The lining is a slippery cupra material.

The original fabric, which expresses the sparkle of bamboo by weaving it in a lattice pattern with brightly colored threads, is made of five types of threads: cotton, wool, silk, mohair, and alpaca. It's fluffy. This tweed material is a "homespun" wool fabric that has been handed down in Hanamaki, Iwate Prefecture, and its charm is the gentle texture created by hand spinning and hand weaving. It is a very precious fabric that was born by requesting , which continues to make wonderful woolen fabrics while pursuing to reproduce the texture of hand-spun and hand-woven fabrics using looms.

Item information 
・ Fabric: FANTOM
・ Material: Cotton59% Wool 27% Silk 8% Mohair 4% Alpaca 2%
・ Color: Multi
・ Size (cm):= Length97, Waist 68-74, Hip98
・ Made in Japan
《Wearing model》 Height 173 cm

・ Please do the laundry by dry cleaning.

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