<transcy>Rosa Mosa_Roma Shoes</transcy>
<transcy>Rosa Mosa_Roma Shoes</transcy>
<transcy>Rosa Mosa_Roma Shoes</transcy>

Rosa Mosa_Roma Shoes

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The EOMO store carries items from the brand based in Vienna, Austria. This is a friendship project with rosa mosa.
Luxury slipper style shoes covered in sheepskin. The wedges are also finished in sheepskin, and the upper part is made of Icelandic sheep leather, and the playfulness of the two tones of dark green and black seems to be Rosamosa. The back strap that supports the heel is made of 4 cm wide black rubber.
* Heel: 2.5 cm
* Lining: 100% Italian calf leather
A shoe brand by Simone Springer and Yuji Mizobuchi. Started in 2001 based in Vienna, Austria. We continue to make shoes with artistic designs that are made in collaboration with skilled craftsmen using high-quality and unique original leather materials. While respecting the original function and purpose of shoes, I always feel sympathy in the innovative lineup that demonstrates a mode spirit and a punkish taste. 

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