<transcy>Woven Square Basket</transcy>
<transcy>Woven Square Basket</transcy>
<transcy>Woven Square Basket</transcy>
<transcy>Woven Square Basket</transcy>
<transcy>Woven Square Basket</transcy>
<transcy>Woven Square Basket</transcy>

Woven Square Basket

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series square basket made by weaving band-shaped leather. 

This series uses cowhide, which is a by-product of cows eaten in Japan. As long as we receive the lives of animals born and raised in Japan and eat them, we want to use the by-product leather carefully. The branding iron "Japanese Leather of Farmed and Wild Animals" incorporates that feeling and responsibility.
The shoulder straps are made by knitting four pieces of leather cut into tape and fastening them with a leather-wrapped stopper to create a fringe. Both hand-sewn and hand-knitted are done by craftsmen in the atelier.

Item information
・ Material: Cow Leather
・ Color: Natural / Black / Brown
・ Size (cm): H11 W26 D11
・ Weight (g): 475
・ Made in Japan

・Uses plant-tanned natural leather. The material is carefully selected, cut and commercialized, but some scratches may remain. Please note that it has a natural texture.
・ Please note that water or oil may cause stains.
・ Store in a well-ventilated shade as it is vulnerable to water, humidity and direct sunlight.

Flow from reservation to shipping
・ Reservations will be made in the form of payment on the online store.
・ Cancellations cannot be accepted after payment is completed on the online store, so please make a reservation (settlement) after careful consideration.
・ After confirming the completion of payment, we will send you an order confirmation by email.
・ We will contact you as soon as the product is ready. At that time, we will ship after confirming the delivery destination.
・ Unless the product is defective, we cannot accept returns after the product has been shipped. Please make a reservation after careful consideration.
・ Delivery may be delayed due to production reasons. Please note.
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