<tc>Early People Pants _ LD</tc>
<tc>Early People Pants _ LD</tc>
<tc>Early People Pants _ LD</tc>
<tc>Early People Pants _ LD</tc>
<tc>Early People Pants _ LD</tc>
<tc>Early People Pants _ LD</tc>
<tc>Early People Pants _ LD</tc>
<tc>Early People Pants _ LD</tc>

Early People Pants _ LD

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Wide pants with suspenders made of cotton linen denim.
The indigo cotton linen denim fabric has a gentle luster and combines the casualness of denim with the elegance of linen. It is thin, light, and has a soft texture, and the voluminous fabric creates a beautiful silhouette.
The narrow suspenders made from the same fabric have buttonholes and can be adjusted to three different lengths. The holes are placed on the lining side, giving a clean impression when viewed from the front.

There are buttons on both sides so the waist can be adjusted. If you button it tightly, it will tuck in the sides and create a silhouette that fits at the waist.
If you loosen the buttons, the waist will widen and you can match it with a larger inner layer to customize your silhouette. You can change it. There are pockets on the left and right.
Unisex, available in 2 sizes S and M.
Item information 
・ Fabric: Linen Denim
・ Material : Cotton 60%  , Linen 40%
・ Color:  Indigo
・ Size (cm):
 S = Rise 38 Inseam 61 Waist 78 Hips 115
 M = Rise 40 Inseam 64 Waist 82 Hip 120
・ Made in Japan

・If washed by hand, the color may fade due to the indigo fabric. Please wash by pressing with water.
・For stains such as oil and sweat, use a neutral detergent, and do not use bleach or fluorescent detergents.
・Color transfer may occur during wearing and storage. Please be careful when wearing or coming into contact with white or bright colors.
・Avoid direct sunlight and dry in the shade.

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