<tc>Togariishi Dress _ GC</tc>
<tc>Togariishi Dress _ GC</tc>
<tc>Togariishi Dress _ GC</tc>
<tc>Togariishi Dress _ GC</tc>

Togariishi Dress _ GC

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One piece made of cotton linen material. The sturdy texture allows it to be worn as a year-round jacket.
Inspired by the Jomon people's practice of adding three-dimensional patterns to their pottery using ropes and strings, I thought of using strings and rubber to create a three-dimensional effect on clothing. The cuffs also have elastic, so you can use them like frills or wear them with the sleeves rolled up. There is a string that goes all the way around the waist, so you can change the look by adjusting the tightness of the gathers. This is a piece that you can enjoy wearing in a variety of ways, such as closing the shell buttons on the front and wearing it as a dress, or opening the buttons and wearing it as a coat.
Item information 
・ Material : Cotton 90%  Linen 10%
・ Color:  Straw
・ Size (cm):
 S = Length 120 Bust 102 Sleeve length 82
 M = Length 126 Bust 106 Sleeve length 85
・ Made in Japan
・Dry cleaning is recommended to prevent deformation.
 ・If washed by hand, the color may fade due to the indigo fabric. Please wash by pressing with water.
・For stains such as oil and sweat, use a neutral detergent, and do not use bleach or fluorescent detergents.
・Color transfer may occur during wearing and storage. Please be careful when wearing or coming into contact with white or bright colors.
・Avoid direct sunlight and dry in the shade.

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